If you’re planning a trip to Orange, NSW, you’re in for a treat. 

Our fair city is an idyllic place for daytime shopping trips, or a family getaway. All year-round, there are plenty of fun things to do, from bars and restaurants to live music and more.

Orange is where the famous Australian poet Banjo Paterson was born, and is a small city in the middle of vast pastoral landscapes of wineries, winding roads, and seemingly endless nature trails. It’s a paradise for the cosmopolitan foodie and those who like to rough it alike.

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The oncoming summer, fall, winter, and spring are loaded with tons of fun activities for families, solo travellers, and everything else in between. We have a breakdown for each season – what type of weather to expect, and some of the best things to do that time of year. 

What time would you want to visit Orange, New South Wales? Let us know in the comments below! 

Summer in Orange, NSW

Summers in Orange, NSW are warm and breezy.

Orange is a crucial part of a major wine-growing region in Australia. The mild summers average a high of 26℃ and average low of 13℃, making for mild and bearable summers.

This area is also known for its delicious cherries – cherry season lasts from about mid-November to the end of January.

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This is the time to visit the over 20 wineries in the vicinity of Orange. Wineries like Heifer Station have fun events for wine lovers, and love showing travellers the peak of Australian wines. 

You can also tour a beautiful estate in Orange, Duntryleague. It’s incredible architecture and storied history have much to tell about Australian society, and the photo opportunities are endless. 

Fall in Orange, NSW

Mildly warm to slightly chilly – nothing too extreme – are what you can expect between March and June in Orange. 

The average high temperature is about 22℃, and the average low temperature is near 10℃. 

If you’re a cyclist, you’ll love the Newcrest Orange Challenge. This bicycle race takes you through the Central West Tablelands, an area of challenging terrain and a worthy adversary for any racer.   

In the nearby town of Blayney, the F.O.O.D. Week festival represents exquisite culinary greatness from all over the world in a celebration of flavors global and local. 

For the cinephiles, Stockman’s Ridge Wines holds a starlit movie double feature. A bar, snacks, and more are available. Plus, there’s truly nothing like a great movie under the night sky with friends or a loved one.

Winter in Orange, NSW

It’s cold, but not that cold. In Orange, winters are chilly, and can reach freezing levels. You can expect an average high temperature of about 11℃, and an average low of around 3℃.

To keep warm during the winter, Orange residents hold a Winter Fire Festival. Local vendors from the area set up shop in an open greenspace for a massive multi-day bonfire, and beer and wine are a-plenty. Learn more here.

Ever been to King Richard’s Faire? Nearby Newbridge has the Winter Solstice Festival, a medieval-themed celebration of food, drink, and history. 

Spring in Orange, NSW

Spring in Orange sees a blooming of all its flora. The parks glow a bright green, and bountiful flowers make daytime hikes a tour of nature’s perfumes.

The low precipitation means you’ll most likely never be rained out, so start getting your fresh air fix as soon as possible. 

One of the biggest outdoor spring celebrations in the Orange area is the Neville Show, in nearby Neville. It’s a massive country fair with animals, entertainment, and food. Plus, you can support the local economy with various craft and art vendors, or a small pop-up business. See more information on The Neville Show here. 

Dog lovers will get a kick out of the Dogs In the Park event. Competitions, beauty exhibitions, and animal rescue and adoption services on sight offer us the most talented and most needy canines.

So When Will We See You?

Now that you know about the seasons in Orange, NSW, and what to do, when will you get here? 

Our small city has plenty of lodging for tourists, because people from all over the world already come here. You may not have any questions you’d want to ask a dentist, but we’re glad you stopped by anyway. Hope you can enjoy our wonderful region soon!

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