High tea is a tradition we brought to Australia from the British, and something we Aussies have treasured ever since. As a great opportunity to catch up with friends and take some often much-needed rest and relaxation, high tea is our own way of taking care of ourselves socially, emotionally, and—as luck would have it—gastronomically.

In Orange, there are many great places to enjoy high tea. For the best spots, you want to find quick service, light eating, and a comfortable setting to enjoy either the outdoors or a great indoor environment.

We’ve found five places in Orange, New South Wales, that we believe are the best spots to enjoy high tea. Tell us—where is your favorite spot to enjoy high tea?

1. Cafe Latte Orange

Great cafe fare, wonderful tea and coffee drinks, and a laid-back atmosphere. If these are things you’re looking for in your next high tea spot, check out Cafe Latte Orange.

Cafe Latte Orange has tons of options for finely-crafted coffee and tea, as well as hearty and light fare for eating. They close at 5 p.m., but if you’re out in the late afternoon, you’ll love what Cafe Latte Orange has to offer.

2. Bensons Cafe

A simple and quaint coffee shop, Bensons Cafe is great for pastries and tea. Especially for people who want to dip in and out quickly, you’ll find great light fare and delicious drinks at Bensons Cafe.

3. Bissys Cafe

Known for their sandwiches and egg rolls, Bissys is a great spot for something a bit more substantial for high tea.

A lot of what Bissys offers lives and breaths their philosophy that home-cooked food is the best kind. This is not a place to go if you’re looking for cookie-cutter gastronomy. But, if you’d love fresh and well-prepared food with that home-cooked touch, definitely check out Bissys.

4. Cheeky Barista

Cheeky Barista is known for its Australian and Asian fare. Whether you’re looking for a classic high tea meal, or something for a more exotic taste, we suggest Cheeky Barista.

You’ll love their selections of sweets and pastries, all made on the spot. From savory breads to sugary delights, you’ll surely find something that’ll keep you coming back for more. Just don’t forget to brush!

5. Good Eddy

Specialty is the name of the game at Good Eddy. With a focus on the craft of tea and coffee, people with a finer palette as well as those looking to discover more about hot drinks will love Good Eddy.Our favorite treat at Good Eddy is the citrus cakes. Fluffy and full of flavor, this is one thing you should definitely try should you make it to Good Eddy.

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