Orange in New South Wales is a vibrant, close-knit community for all to enjoy – even music lovers. While we’re known for our scenic downtown and great eateries, there are plenty of places for live music in Orange NSW that can be the stage for a memorable night out, or a great date night! We’ve put together a list of the five best venues for live music in Orange NSW with a focus on diversity. Whether you’re looking for jazz, classical, rock, or otherwise, we’re sure you’ll find something to look forward to on this list!

1.   The Metropolitan Hotel Orange

For a place that has it all – food, drinks, a place to sleep after a night of drinking, and music – look no further than the Metropolitan Hotel Orange.

The musical focus at the Metropolitan Hotel is singer-songwriters. This venue offers an intimate setting that is great especially for date nights with a musical touch. Add in a finely-crafted cocktail and you have yourself the makings of a great night out!

2.   The Agrestic Grocer

Not only is the Agrestic Grocer an incredible restaurant and bar – they have one of the most happening regular music events around!

Ruby Tuesday is a tribute music night where bands come together to perform entire albums of their favorite artists. What makes this music night stand out is the sheer talent of the performers – many patrons comment that the caliber of renditions is bar none some of the best they’ve seen. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into live performances of classic albums.

3.   The Orange Civic Theatre

While this is a multipurpose performance space, the Orange Civic Theatre is the area’s premier live music venue that features larger productions.

Tons of music that happens in Orange is based out of bars, but the Civic Theatre is your destination for truly headline-worthy acts. Excellent sound, superbly-designed stage, and an ambiance that makes for a great night out at the theater!

4.   The Nile Street Cafe

While not a dedicated music venue, the Nile Street Cafe is known as an intimate dining location that features love music from time to time.

If you’re coming here for the music, expect to see singer-songwriters and other intimate forms – the ambiance to be had at Nile Street Cafe is bar none one of the best for this format in Orange.

5.   Summers Bar

Come for the drinks, stay for the atmosphere, and tell your friends about the music at Summers Bar!

With a focus on the club scene and electronic music, there’s almost no spot better for a truly dance-focused experience than Summers Bar. DJ’s spinning all kinds of music keep the beats bumping all night!

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