When you think of wineries around the world, most people instantly think of France. However, the love of fine wines has spread all across the globe, and new wineries are constantly popping up everywhere. Now, a great place for wonderful wineries is Orange NSW, which is just a few hours away from Sydney. The cool climate city is renowned for its vast array of shiraz, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.

The region also hosts an annual Orange Wine Festival, which not only gives people an environment to taste some great wine, but also provides people with a platform to display their wines. Anyway, here are our top 7 wineries to visit in Orange NSW…

Philip Shaw

Philip Shaw Winery Orange NSW

The fact that Mr Shaw has been awarded the International Winemaker of the Year, highlights the quality of the winery. This vineyard was opened almost 30 years ago, and if you want to witness some of the most superb wines in the world being made, then make sure you check it out.

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Ross Hill

This winery actually offers something totally different and unique compared to most traditional ones. You see, Ross Hill is Australia’s only verified carbon neutral winery, which allows them to develop magnificent cool climate wines like no one else in the country. In addition, they have also put a modern twist on an old apple packing shed, which must be explored.

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Bloodwood Winery Orange NSW

If you head to this winery, you know you’re going to have a great experience. Alongside Rhonda and Stephen Doyle being outstanding company, you’ll also get to taste some first-class wines during your visit. The pair truly know what they are doing, and have been consistently creating top wines for over 30 years.

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Heifer Station

You would never expect this place to be a winery, considering it’s a renovated shearing shed. Nevertheless, it’s actually a fantastic vineyard, and as it has only recently opened, you’ll get to fully experience the process and taste of 21st century wines.

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Orange Mountain

Orange Mountain Winery Orange NSW

This is a 5-star winery, and you can honestly tell why. From the luxurious cellar door, to the vibrant vineyard; Terry and Julie Dolle have really mastered their craft. But, what’s inspiring is that they focus on producing a low volume of wines, so that they can concentrate on keeping the quality extremely high.

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Rowlee Winery Orange NSW

When you arrive at the Rowlee vineyard, you should feel excited that you’re going to be tasting some cool climate Italian wines that have been crafted by PJ Charteris. The wines they specialise in here at arneis and Nebbiolo. Moreover, the quality of PJ Charteris is there for all to see, as he has previously been a winemaker at Brokenwood.

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Slow Wine Co

Slow Wine Co Winery Orange NSW

At Slow Wine Co, they genuinely emphasise the importance of hand-picking, slow maturation and native yeasts. Now, this shows in the quality of wines that they produce, and if you want to witness this appreciate of wines, then you should definitely give this place a visit.

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Ultimately, all of these wineries are perfect options when looking to discover more about wines in the Orange NSW area, and it comes down to which one catches your eye. But, if you need your mouth freshening up or your teeth whitening after all the wine tasting, why not check out Hitek Dental?

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