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Sleep Dentistry

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep Dentistry is also known as “sedation dentistry,” which is a more accurate term because the patients are technically awake during the procedures (with the exception of those involving general anesthesia). The amount of sedation can be adjusted and depends on the patients’ individual needs. No matter what type or level of sedation is administered, the goal is the same: to help you get through the procedure with minimal anxiety or pain. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who dreads the dentist’s office.

Inhaled sedation is a minimal form of sedation administered via a combination of nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and oxygen that you breathe through a mask. It takes effect very quickly, helping you to completely relax and let go of tension and nerves. It also wears off quickly, meaning that you’ll be feeling like yourself as soon as the dental work is completed.

Oral sedation involves taking a pill to make you feel calm and drowsy. You may actually fall asleep during your visit, but you won’t be “knocked out” — a gentle shake is enough to wake up most people under this type of sedation. This is the most common form of sleep dentistry.

IV sedation is when the dentist administers a sedative using an IV. It goes to work very quickly, and the dentist can continually adjust the amount of the drug you receive for the best possible effects.

Deep sedation is the same as general anesthesia, meaning that you will be nearly or completely unconscious. You’ll sleep soundly through the entire procedure.

In addition to sedative drugs, patients will be treated with a local anesthetic to numb any pain or discomfort from the dental work.

Sleep dentistry is performed by highly skilled and experienced dentists, so you have nothing to worry about while you’re under our care. Our professionals will ensure that you receive the treatment best suited to your individual health and needs.

Whether it’s extensive oral surgery or just a routine cleaning, it’s completely normal to feel anxiety about your dentist visit. That’s why sleep dentistry was invented! Don’t wait any longer to schedule that appointment — our dental professionals will make your procedure a breeze.

Is Sleep Dentistry Right for You?

Are you someone who fears going to the dentist? Do your palms get sweaty the moment you hear your name called? Have you ever canceled dentist appointments or continually put off making an appointment? If any of this sounds like you, we want you to know we’re here for you, we never judge, and most importantly of all we have a solution. That solution is sleep dentistry, a simple little pill that can offer you the most comfortable dentist visit you’ve ever had.

Many people who try sleep dentistry, never go back to having their appointments while their awake. Sleep dentistry is perfect for most dental procedures, and one of the greatest benefits is you can schedule your session to include all of the needed work, so you can have your dentistry performed in one easy, comfortable, painless appointment. This will save you time and even money.

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Whether you’re someone who has a fear of the dentist and the sound of the drill, or just plain hate coming in, ask us about sleep dentistry options that may be right for you. It could mean the difference between you and a healthy, beautiful smile.

At Hitek Family Dental Care we cater to cowards and understand your anxiety. We make sure all patients feel instantly at ease during their appointments and never rush the process. Before you go to sleep we’ll explain everything were going to do and answer any questions you may have. Consult with us for more information about sleep dentistry or to make an appointment today.

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    Benefits of Sleep Dentistry
    • no discomfort
    • no gagging
    • no sensitive teeth
    • no bad memories
    • no difficulty getting numb
    • Saves time
    • Saves money
    • Great for anxious patients
    • Perfect for people who want to eliminate the need for multiple visits to the dentist
    • Ideal for wisdom teeth and implants

    For many patients sleep dentistry is the ONLY way to have dentistry performed.

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