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What Are Dentures?

Unfortunately sometimes our teeth fall out, or become so badly decayed they need to be removed. Sometimes the case is gum decease, and other times it’s because of an injury. If you find yourself with a number of missing teeth you may need dentures in order to restore your smile and confidence in your appearance. Dentures are an appliance that can be easily removed and is designed to replace missing teeth. The restorative effects of dentures doesn’t stop at just your smile. Your teeth actually play an important role in shaping your face and jaw region. Without them your face tends to droop and sag, making people look far older than they really are. Dentures can also help to improve your confidence, and make you feel younger.

Types of Dentures We Offer

At Hitek Family Dental Care we offer a wide selection of affordable options for dentures for our patients, whether you need a partial dentures, overdenture, or a complete dentures for a full arch. We also have a special process where we ensure you’re dentures are a perfect fit and never become loose.

Talk to your one of the dentists at Hitek Family Dental Care today about whether or not dentures would be the right solution for restoring your smile. Schedule a free consultation today.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are those that consist of only 1 or more teeth, but are not a full arch. Partial dentures consist of both simulated teeth that look like your own and a simulation of gums which is usually plastic. Bridges affix to the adjacent teeth and sit comfortably in place. Partial dentures are a great solution for when you have multiple missing consecutive teeth.

Will Dentures Change The Way I Look or Eat?

Like many new things, at first your dentures, even partials may take some getting use to. During eating, chewing and speaking you may need to take some time to adjust to your new dentures. The good news is after a week or two you’ll hardly notice you have dentures at all. When it comes to your appearance, dentures are designed by your dentist and the lab to match the look and feel of your existing teeth, so any changes to you appearance will be for the better.

Having a Dental Emergency? 

If you are facing a dental emergency that requires dentures in Orange, NSW, it’s essential to book a appointment from a skilled emergency dental professional. Dentures can be a viable solution for various dental issues, providing functional and aesthetic benefits. Whether you need partial or full dentures due to tooth loss or damage, consulting with a restorative dentist that specializes in cosmetic dental services, including dentures, that can help restore your oral health and improve your quality of life.

Book an Appointment for Affordable Dentures in Orange, NSW

Book an appointment for affordable dentures in Orange, NSW, to address your urgent dental needs quickly to alleviate your pain. Dentures are a practical solution for various dental problems, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits to improve your oral health and quality of life. Whether you require partial or full dentures due to tooth loss or damage, seeking immediate attention from a skilled dental professional is key. Don’t delay in contacting our team that specializing in denture services to restore your smile effectively.



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