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Dental Fillings

Tooth Fillings in Orange, NSW

Whether it’s sweets or lack of routine oral hygiene that’s your downfall, many of us have experienced the need for a dental filling. Fillings are used when the tooth develops a cavity. Cavities are decay of the tooth, which can lead to much more serious issues such as the need for a root canal or the need for tooth extraction. If you suspect you have a tooth that needs a filling, you can learn more from our oral health professionals on what to expect. 

What are Tooth Fillings? 

Tooth Fillings are made of a range of materials from metals to composites resins which are similar to plastics. At Hitek Family Dental Care, we utilize state of the art tooth filling materials that are virtually indestructible and naturally match the look of your existing tooth. Not only are our tooth fillings effective in saving your tooth and stopping the spread of further decay, they are long lasting and visually pleasing.

How to Maintain Your Oral Health After a Tooth Filling

Did you recently get a tooth filling and worried about how to maintain it? Like any field of medicine including dentistry, taking preventative measures is important to maintain oral hygiene. Preventative dentistry helps keep your mouth in good shape to avoid cavities and the need for tooth fillings with teeth cleaning and dental care. Our family dental care uses state of the art technology and teeth cleaning to keep your gums healthy and teeth clean from plaque buildup.    

Let Us Take Care of Your Family

Along with our preventative dentistry services including teeth cleaning, our oral health professionals can provide tooth fillings to prevent tooth decay. Schedule a free consultation to save yourself the pain, expense and aggravation by selecting our affordable teeth procedures. Our family dental care clinic goes above and beyond to restore your smile and confidence! 

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