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Pedeatric Emergency Dental Care Orange, NSW

Have a pediatric dental emergency?

Hitek Family Dental offers pediatric dental emergency in Orange, NSW. If your child is experiencing a dental emergency call us immediately at 02 6362 1987 or schedule an appointment online with the form to the right.

Pediatric Dental Emergency Care

Dental emergencies don’t just happen to adults. Sometimes even children with teeth coming in, or on their way out are the ones who need emergency dental care. When it comes to pediatric dental emergency care we are able to treat everything from infections, abbesses, broken teeth from sports injuries and more.

A Warm and Inviting Environment

Pediatric dental emergencies can be traumatic for children and parents. That’s why our practice focuses on offering a warm and inviting environment to help ease both children and patents during a stressful and sometimes painful time. It’s important for a child to be seen by a pediatric dentist, the equivalent of a pediatrician. A children’s dentist will have specialty training that helps him or her to give your child the very best possible care. This is also true when it comes to choosing a dentist to care for your child’s dental emergency.

Common Pediatric Dental Emergency Services

  • Broken Teeth
  • Cracked or Chipped Teeth
  • Loose Teeth
  • Abbesses
  • Oral Infections

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Contact us today to book an appointment. Addressing dental emergencies quickly can help to alleviate the damage caused and reduce long-term impact. Call us at 02 6362 1987 or schedule an appointment online with the form to the right.

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