One of the best things about Orange is its economy. The downtown is a stage for Orange’s robust local economy, one which provides an entire lifestyle’s worth of goods and services.

As one of Orange’s local businesses, we wanted to drum up a list of some of our favourite establishments in the area. From clothing to food, and everything in between, the business environment in Orange has so much to offer.

Which of your favourites are on the list? Which local business would you nominate for this list? Leave a comment below!

1. Belle Armoire – 187 Lords Place

The literal definition of boutique fashion, Belle Armoire is European-inspired Australian style. Started by its owner Kimberley, whom had traveled to Europe and was inspired by the fashion scene found there, she decided to bring Australian brands to the forefront with attention paid to elegance and usability.

With everything from modern to classic, and a complete selection of clothing and accessories, Belle Armoire is Orange’s paradise for the style and fashion minded.

2. Château du Chocolat – 8/220 Lords Place

While chiefly a coffee shop, Château du Chocolat is quite literally a chocolate-lover’s dream. Waffle-cone chocolate parfaits, boxes of artisanal chocolates, and so much more are available here, all while you sip a cappuccino of high-quality espresso.

Château du Chocolat is also known for their extremely high-quality coffee. One of the strongest cups in Orange, this is a great stop to take the Monday blues away!

3. Hawkes’ General Store – 46 Sale Street

Established in 1976, Hawkes’ General Store has become a mainstay for an ever-evolving selection of products. Whether shopping for clothing, homegoods, or almost anything else, Hawkes’ brings an incredible variety—with attention paid to finer tastes—to its shelves.

Hawkes’ is a great place for locals and visitors alike. With a true localvore spirit, Hawkes’ has been the destination for finer general goods for decades, firmly placing itself in the culture of Orange, and in the memories of visitors from around the world.

4. Mary and Tex Curious Emporium – 187 Summer Street

Specializing in homegoods, kitchenware, and women’s fashion, Mary and Tex Curious Emporium is a charming boutique of high-quality goods that will draw the eye. For anyone who is interested in the design of products, you could quite possibly get lost at Mary and Tex just taking in their selection.

Mary and Tex boasts truly high-end brands, part of their mission to bring the highest quality goods to their customers. With even some pieces for the fellas, Mary and Tex is a great stop for any visitor or local who wants to up the ante on their home and personal style.

5. Uplift Fair Trade – 142-148 Summer Street

In terms of shopping for a cause, Uplift Fair Trade is the definition. A non-profit which stocks products only sourced by fair-trade certified vendors, the products you purchase at Uplift are made with the welfare of marginalized societies all over the world in mind.

From weaving done by indigenous women to beauty products that are responsibly sourced—and so many things in between—Uplift is an example of business being utilized for good around the world. For guilt-free shopping, go no further than Uplift.

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