Cherry season is one of the most cherished times of year in Orange, NSW. Not only is there the delectable fruits to pick at various farms, but it seems Orange comes alive during cherry season.

That’s because people come from all over Australia to pick our cherries. These visitors bring an energy to our community that we look forward to every year.

So what’s the lowdown on cherry season in Orange, NSW? Read more about how to make the best of cherry season for when you decide to visit!

Cherry Season

Cherry season has typically lasted from mid-November through the end of January year after year. Over the past few years, cherry season has moved to the end of October to the end of December – right after Christmas.

Not to worry though. The cherry farmers in Orange, NSW have been able to adapt to different weather conditions and continue to grow delicious cherries featuring a range of sweetness profiles.

Cherry Tastes

Cherries are most often known as a tart, pitted fruit. But, there’s more to the story.

While you’re out picking cherries, you may notice several shades of red they grow into. Lighter-colored cherries will be far more tart and sour to the taste. On the other hand, darker and deeper-red cherries will have more ripe-fruit notes. They will also have a higher sugar content, a large part of what gives them this flavor.

Where to Pick Cherries in Orange NSW

There are tons of places where you can pick cherries in Orange, NSW. Here’s a short list of our favorite spots:

Thornbrook Orchard – Known for growing their cherries on volcanic soil, Thornbook has a strong reputation for having some of the best cherries around. You can also find specifically sour cherries, a treat for anyone who loves a nice pucker.

Hillside Harvest – This luscious and sprawling 75-acre farm is a favorite source for produce for locals. Their cherries and many other fruits are sold at their own farmstand, and draws customers from all over Orange.

Huntley Berry Farm – Owned by the Orange Community Training and Education Center, Huntley Berry Farm is a proud supplier of vocational training and disability opportunities while serving up some of the best produce Orange has to offer.

Now, for the tooth talk

While strawberries and apples are great for your teeth, cherries are actually harmful.

That’s because the acids in cherries can dig holes into the enamel of your teeth. This can lead to further breaking down of the teeth to cause pain later on.

But don’t fret! All you need to do is rinse with water after eating cherries to mitigate the effects of the acids, as well as avoid staining.

Also, be careful not to bite down on the pits of cherries. Hard enough to crack teeth, you’ll need a crown or a replacement to ensure proper oral health. Make sure to bite down just slightly, while sucking the flesh from the pit.

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