Even with the Coronavirus waning, It looks like we’re going to have to play it safe for a while. That means keeping your distance from others and being extra cautious about cleanliness and sanitation. 

Starting June 1, certain restrictions from the Australian government will be lifted, allowing people to enjoy so much of what Orange, NSW has to offer. According to the town’s website, visitors and residents alike will be able to:

  • Travel to New South Wales
  • Camp and visit parks and outdoor areas
  • Go out to eat in establishes with up to 50 people
  • Enjoy libraries, galleries, and museums

For more information on Orange, NSW’s COVID-19 updates, visit their website.

So, with the right state of mind, you can still have an incredible time in Orange, NSW. We’ve all been cooped up for too long, and our scenic and quiet town has so much to offer for anyone who wants to blow off some steam. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite activities in Orange, NSW that you can do while social distancing. Staying clean and sanitary is a prime concern for all these hot spots, so you only have to worry about how to get here! 


Grab A Bite

You’ve probably been learning to cook for months, or enjoyed your favorites out of a togo box. Now, it’s time to not only enjoy the delicious eats to be had in Orange – we must support struggling businesses.

Without customers, restaurants and pubs have taken a major hit. But, as restrictions are being lifted managers and owners are coming up with innovative ways to get back to serving guests safely. 

For a relaxed environment with delicious comfort food and bar fare, to go Charred. They are taking extra precautions to deliver their eclectic and incredibly delicious offerings safely. Find out more information on their website


Go Window Shopping

Now that we’ve only been able to order online for months, those former shopaholics are probably missing the touch and feel of new clothing, or those opportunities to envision a new look for your home. With added emphasis on social distancing and sanitation, you can now get back to the aisles and get yourself some retail therapy.

The coolest place to shop in Orange, NSW is The Sonic. It’s a partnership of three businesses – a fashion store, a home goods store, and a coffee shop that sports a boho chic aesthetic and inspiring interior decorating. 

Find out more about The Sonic on their website


Take Care of Yourself

If you’re like most people, you’re terrified of cutting your own hair. For those who like to look good, being away from the professionals who know how to do us up just right has been rough to say the least. 

Salons and estheticians are permitted to open for business by complying with a new set of health and sanitation guidelines. You can find out how beauty shops are staying ahead of the curve at the Australian Hairdressers Council’s website.


Breathe Some Fresh Air

You may not know this, but being outside has always been allowed during the Coronavirus pandemic, and Orange, NSW has beautiful greenspaces! The parks of Orange, NSW are the pride of its people, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Golfers all over love Duntryleague for its brilliantly green course and tranquility. Or, for those who love to really get active outdoors we suggest hiking the Pinnacle Reserve and Lookout. Lush green forests and amazing views of the water and the town will make for some of the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever taken. 

Find out more about Pinnacle Reserve on Orange, NSW’s website.


Cheers to Health

If there’s one thing Orange, NSW is known for, it’s wine. Our vineyards have broken into international markets and started building Australian wine a global reputation. Whether a lush red or crisp white, there’s a pour for everyone in Orange. 

Our favorite is Cargo Road Wines. Their delicious selection is made with sustainability in mind, and their sunset Walk & Talk tours guide you through the flavors and history of Australian wine. 


Play it Safe

It’s time to dive back into life and enjoy all the things we’ve missed over the past several months. But, as always, we must work with everyone else around us to stay healthy and happy.

Every business that is opening up in Orange is working diligently to make sure their facilities, products, and services are perfectly safe for you to enjoy. When we all work together, we can make great things happen. Stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy our great town.

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