No More Tears: How To Choose The Right Dentist For Your Child

For most parents, the most dreaded aspect of routine dental care is not the fear of needing fillings or crowns—it’s the idea of bringing their children to the dentist. Parents know all too well that while most adults have learned that dental care need not be painful or stressful, it can be incredibly difficult to get children to accept the same truth. However, the situation is not hopeless; if parents take the correct approach, children can learn to tolerate dental visits with relative aplomb.

The Importance of Choosing a “Child-Friendly” Dentist

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that any dentist who can handle adult dental care professionally and reliably will be just as equipped to handle the dental needs of children; they then find themselves completely baffled by the fact that every dental visit ends in screaming and crying. These parents don’t realize that children have different needs, emotionally as well as physically; for example, while having a dentist with a straightforward and businesslike manner may appeal to parents (as it feels honest), the same manner might seem gruff and uncaring to a frightened child. It’s therefore essential to specifically look for a Family Dentist when seeking dental care for one’s children; likewise, you should make sure that the practitioner you choose has the following qualities:

  1. Close proximity. Try to choose the most local reputable children’s dentist available. Children are quickly rendered out of sorts by long car rides, and if your child arrives at the dentist already in a bad temper, he or she is much more likely to react with a tantrum upon being confined to the dental chair.
  2. Experience. Each child, like each adult, is different, so it takes many years to learn to understand child psychology as a dental practitioner and develop strategies which work with every child. As such, you should seek out a Family Dentist who has been practising specifically as a Family Dentist for at least five years. This experience will also translate into better expertise as the dentist will be more familiar with meeting the unique needs of teeth which are still developing. Additionally, you should always make sure to review a dentist’s training to verify that he or she is up to date with the latest technology and techniques.[1]
  3. Choose a dentist with state of the art equipment. State of the art equipment does not just mean better-quality care, it often means gentler care as well. This is why we here at Hitek Family Dental use only the latest and best equipment when treating children and adults alike.
  4. Choose a practice which places an emphasis on painless dentistry. Children’s dentistry absolutely must be painless; a painful experience can leave terrifying memories in a child’s mind, leading him or her to panic prior to each future dental visit and fight even the most routine dental care. As we here at Hitek Family Dental know, it’s essential to provide a warm, welcoming family atmosphere and dental care which is patient, understanding, pain-free, and minimally invasive; our philosophy is to work with children, rather than against them.
  5. Make sure the dentist understands the importance of fluoride in children’s dentistry. Topical flouride treatment is important at any age, but for children, it is absolutely vital. Timely, competent topical flouride applications strengthen a child’s enamel so that his or her “adult teeth” are given a lifelong defence against caries as soon as they erupt.[2]

Remember: Making sure your child has access to safe, comfortable, and effective dental care is one of the best things you can do for his or her overall health. If you’re having difficultly getting your child to accept routine dental care, we here at Hitek Family Dental will be happy to help ensure your child’s smile has a bright future.

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