Nicotine-delivering vaporizers have taken the world by storm as an alternative to smoking. Many are using “vapes” as a way to quit smoking, or as a recreational smoking device all its own.

The Juul is one of the industry’s most popular models. But, one question many people still have is whether or not “juuling” is bad for your teeth and overall oral health.

The dental medicine community has found juuling, and vaping at large, are not altogether a good substitute for smoking, though there are benefits such as not inhaling the thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes.

See below some considerations to make if you are thinking about trying juuling as a healthier way to smoke.

Teeth and Gums

Studies have found that vape smoke is actually harmful to your gum tissue. Chemicals found in the smoke cause the release of an inflammatory protein that can cause irritation of the gum tissue.

Studies have also found links to the oral disease periodontitis, otherwise known as gingivitis. Additionally, nicotine causes blood vessels to constrict, which means blood and oxygen that would normally be supplied to your gums is being diverted.

This generally causes gum recession, or the pulling back of gums from your teeth. Even worse, nicotine can mask the effects of gum disease, making it harder to detecr and fight for dentists.

Chemicals found in vape juices are also known to cause dry mouth. Saliva is a natural solution created in the mouth to wash out debris and keep bacteria at safe levels. Without proper saliva production, your mouth is susceptible to plaque buildup, bacterial infection, and more.


Scientists have found that vape smoke is actually harmful at the cellular level, especially to the lungs.

This is especially true for flavored vapors – the chemicals that create flavors cause additional inflammatory damage to the lungs, and the inner surfaces of the mouth as well.

Immune System

Just like traditional cigarettes, vapes have the harmful side effect of suppressing the immune system.

That means when flu season is upon us, vape users are more likely to get sick for longer. It also means one is more likely to stay sick for longer because the immune system isn’t working at peak performance.

Too Soon To Tell

Vaping and juuling have only been around for a few years. That means studies are still underway worldwide to determine whether there are other harmful effects.

It’s generally agreed that any constant ingestion of smoke through the mouth will have harmful effects, so using vapes and juuls should still be considered harmful until further study has discovered the full health effects of using these devices.

It is always recommended to consult a dentist for all matters of oral health. If you have questions about whether or not vaping or juuling is harmful to your teeth, gums, and the rest of your body, contact your physician or dentist today.


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