Choosing a Reliable Dentist

There is a wise old adage which states, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Most of us are aware of the fact that if we cut corners when buying just about anything—be it electronics, furniture, clothing, or whatever else—we run the very real risk of ending up with a sub-standard product that either breaks quickly or never works correctly from the outset.

When dealing with cheap consumer goods, we can usually laugh off our poor choices when they fail to serve us well and purchase better models; however, when it comes to dental care, choosing an unreliable service can have far-reaching consequences which cannot be quickly or easily fixed.

Bargain Dentistry: Knowing The Risks

Before you opt for bargain dental services, you should take a moment to consider the fact that teeth are not inert; they contain living, vital tissue and are connected directly to your bloodstream. They are no less a working part of your body than your heart or liver is. As such, if you wouldn’t look for the “bargain” option if you had to purchase a major operation from a surgeon, you shouldn’t do so where dental care is concerned, either.

If that logic alone is not enough to convince you, consider the following risks which have been associated with poor-quality dental care secured cheaply:


This is the most common serious side-effect of bad dental work, and it extends far beyond the risk of infection immediately after the work is completed. Often “bargain” dentists are either a) in a rush due to being overbooked, b) inexperienced, e.g. they are dental students or new to the field of dentistry and are looking to gain practice, or c) they lack state of the art equipment or the correct training (in fact, some “bargain” dentists are completely unlicensed). All of these factors increase the risk of a serious infection developing months or years down the road.

Remember that dental equipment is extremely expensive, particularly today’s high-tech machines—so there is simply no logical way that a dentist can offer services for next to nothing if his or her practice has invested in the right equipment. And without the correct equipment, such as powerful X-ray machines, it’s impossible to accurately assess the extent of damage or decay within a patient’s teeth. This usually leads to a portion of the decay remaining under the filling or crown that is placed, and with the filling or crown effectively trapping this pocket of decay (meaning it can no longer be even temporarily cleaned out by brushing, rinsing, etc.), the bacteria in said pocket can multiply exponentially… With no place to go except back down into the tooth’s root. This causes the formation of an abscess, usually leading to (at the very least) a root canal treatment. If not caught in time, however, an abscess can spread until the jaw or sinus cavity is also infected, which is considered a medical emergency.[1] In rare cases, this infection may spread to the brain or heart, which can be fatal.

This is why we here at Hitek Family Dental invest in the latest and best equipment—we understand that it’s the best thing for our patients’ health, and that it’s absolutely vital to detecting and treating dental issues before they become more serious and thus more costly. A dentist who uses state of the art equipment is a dentist who has your best interests at heart, not his own.


If you are put off by the cost of routine dental care, you will be absolutely horrified by the expense incurred by the advanced restorative work that is often required to fix serious dental issues like those discussed above. Root canals, crowns, and implants may cost thousands of dollars[2] depending on the extent of the damage that’s been done to your teeth.

Permanent tooth loss and facial damage

Sometimes, even the best reputable dentist cannot save a tooth that has been destroyed by bad dental work, leading to the permanent loss of adult teeth. If a serious infection was present, you may also end up with a damaged jaw or sinus cavity that results in lifelong chronic medical issues.

Choosing A Reputable Affordable Dentist

All of the above is not to suggest that “more expensive” always means “better”; there’s nothing wrong with seeking affordable dental care so long as you look for care that is affordable within reason. The dental practice you choose should ideally use the best equipment, it must be fully licensed, and should have a favourable reputation while still offering fair, competitive rates that do not exceed the kind of rates charged by similarly-equipped practices.

Likewise, keep in mind that most reputable family dentists—unlike “bargain” dentists—will offer a wide range of flexible payment options to meet any budget, a practice we at Hitek fully support. At Hitek Dental, we understand than many families struggle to afford dental care, so we’re happy to create a payment system that works for them.

[1]    The high cost of cut-price dentistry,


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