So much of what we eat is, maybe not surprisingly, very bad for your teeth. But while some may be more obviously harmful, some categories on this list are not so obvious.

See the five categories of foods that are most harmful to your teeth and why. What’s important to understand is that cleaning your teeth after eating these foods can help you avoid enamel breakdown and plaque buildup.

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Top 5 Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

  1. Bread
  2. Sour Candies
  3. Alcohol
  4. Citrus
  5. Coffee


Bad news for all the bread lovers out there!

Being soft and spongy, bread often gets stuck between the teeth and—without proper cleaning techniques—is left behind even after brushing.

The bread that gets stuck between your teeth is what causes bacterial growth and, by proxy, tooth decay. Make sure that after each time eating bread you flush the mouth and floss!

Sour Candies

More so than sweeter candies, sour candies are loaded with acids that are extremely harmful to enamel. When the enamel on your teeth wears down, the roots of your teeth are far more susceptible to infection.

What’s worse is that many of these types of candies are chewy, or are meant to be dissolved in the mouth over time. The longer these candies stay in your mouth, the more damage is done. If you eat a lot of sour candy, you’ll most likely experience heat and cold sensitivity over time.


Yes, alcohol is a liquid, but it also dehydrates the mouth. This is important because saliva is the first line of defense against bacteria and dissolving foods left behind after brushing and flossing.

The more alcohol you drink, the worse the problem becomes. The mouth-drying properties of alcohol—along with the often acidic ingredients often found in cocktails—do lots of damage to your teeth.


Oranges. Grapefruit. Lemon. All these citrus fruits are loaded with citric acid, which wears at your enamel quickly.

This is one food that shouldn’t be removed from your diet for the sake of your teeth, but it’s extremely advisable that you rinse after eating citrus fruits.


Part of what makes coffee bitter is the acids it contains. Whether using cream or taking it black, you’re enamel is in trouble.

For black coffee drinkers, the acids are running amok in your teeth unabated. Your teeth are also more susceptible to staining that will most likely need to be removed by dental treatment. Putting cream or milk in your coffee will help slightly, but will not completely stop staining and acid damage to your teeth.

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