Sometimes you have to take the little guy to the barber, an experience that sometimes can be stressful. But with our help we’re sure you’ll find just the place to take the little guy to get his ears lowered.

We’ve compiled a list of the three best barber shops to take the little ones, with a focus on price, atmosphere, and service. Let us know what you think!

1.   Guys Cuts

If you want to introduce the little guy to a true man’s man’s barber shop, Guys Cuts is the place to go. While also offering a full suite of barber services, including beard trips and specialized cuts, you and the tikes can enjoy sports tv and a friendly atmosphere all for a great price.

2.   Littlefield’s Barber/Hairdressing

We decided to put this on the list because they cater to both men and women. One of the last surviving “old style” barber shops, you’ll be able to take a step back into the past with Littlefield’s.

3.   Mane Man’s

Another location with the “classic” barber shop feel, Mane Man’s is a great place to bring the little guy for great father-son bonding time. With tons of 5-star reviews, we’re sure you can’t go wrong with Mane Man’s.

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