You have a full-time job or have other obligations that can’t be moved during the week. It might be your volunteer work, or you may have an essential job where time off is hard to come by. You may have children who – along with your full-time work – have practices to go to and appointments to keep.

You just can’t seem to find the time you need during the week for cleanings, crown repairs, implants, or other necessary dental maintenance work. You may also need necessary dental work available at a time you are not working. At Hitek Dental, we have you covered.

A Dentist Open On Saturdays In Orange, NSW

Weekends are often the only time we have to take care of ourselves. Our jobs may be so demanding that the weekdays are focused on performing well and fitting in the rest time needed each night between shifts. Trying to fit in something like going to the dentist can be daunting.

This is one of the reasons we at Hitek Dental offer Saturday appointments. We believe in dentistry as a way to foster whole-body health, and to that end we know that convenient access to dental care is a crucial element in our mission to serve the highest-quality dental care in Orange, NSW.

Why Saturday Dental Appointments Might Be Best For You

If you are too busy throughout the week, Saturday dental appointments will be the answer.

As long as you don’t have a job where you work weekends, you won’t need to request paid time off for your dental appointments. This takes away at least one stressful step many patients mention when scheduling their necessary dental work.

For procedures that require healing time, Saturday appointments might be the best way to lessen the amount of paid time off you need to request so you can heal after an appointment. Many people who need wisdom teeth removed will schedule this dental procedure on a Saturday so they can take Sunday to heal, and request less time off – it’s like having a long weekend to heal from your dental procedure.

Dr. Kirby, A Local Dentist Open On Saturdays

In all his years as Orange, NSW’s premier dentist, Dr. Kirby believes firmly in access to care as a critical part of his practice.

He offers emergency walk-in appointments and can handle the widest range of dental procedures to produce the best-possible outcomes for his patients. And Saturday appointments are a vital element to this mission.

With a strong belief in access to care, Dr. Kirby’s Saturday appointments allow patients in Orange, NSW and beyond to receive the care they need at a time that will fit their busy schedules.

You can schedule any type of appointment you need on Saturdays, including the following:


This list includes any procedure you might have done during a regular work week. In short, Dr. Kirby and our team are prepared to offer any dental services you could possibly need to ensure your dental health – and your overall health – are intact. We are open alternating Saturday’s. Contact us today to set your Saturday dental appointment.

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