Mind-blowing Dental Stats & Facts

While it seems fairly every-day and mundane, the world of dentistry is actually an exciting one filled with facts and stats that just may blow your mind. This article assembles some of the most surprising dental statistics and facts we were able to dig up.

1. Most people have 32 teeth, however not everyone is that lucky. The world record for most teeth in a mouth is held by Vijay Kumar ofBangalore, India who has 37 teeth.

2. Tooth Enamel is the strongest material in your body. Though they’ll rival any beer opener, and are made of the strongest material in your body, we do not recommend using your teeth to open bottles.

3. As much as 75% of the population is suffering from some level of gum disease and are totally unaware according to the American Dental Hygienist Association.

4. 24% of adults 20-44 suffer from undiagnosed dental caries aka cavities that could easily be treated an prevented.

5. 28% of women brush their teeth after every mean, while 20.5% of men brush their teeth after each meal.

6. In an ADA survey americans admitted that 18.5% of the participants do not floss at all.

7. The 4 corners of your molars, out to the groove is called a “lobe”. These lobes develop in your body individually and them merge over time.

8. Your mouth is a happening place, and not just for you. Your mouth is the home to over 100,000,000 micro-organisms who are living, feeding, reproducing, and depositing solid / liquid waste in your mouth. Yum!

9. Where did “see your dentist twice a year” come from? The 1950’s Amos and Andy show! The show was sponsored by Pepsodent Tooth Powder and they ran a ads during the show suggesting to use their product and see the dentist twice a year for a healthy bright smile.

10. The average person who uses floss daily will use 5 miles of floss in their lifetime!

11. Famous teeth at auction: In 1816, Sir Isaac Newton’s tooth was sold in London for today’s equivalent of $35,700. More recently a Canadian dentist  bought John Lennon’s molar at auction for a whopping $31,200.

Did we miss an unbelievable dental fact or stat? let us know!

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