Have you ever ground your teeth together and felt the sensation of chalk running on a chalkboard? That comparison is valid, because chalky teeth is a common side effect of eating many kinds of foods.

Chalky teeth can be a temporary side effect of eating foods high in oxalic acid such as spinach and strawberries. The simple solution is to swish water around in your mouth, or take a quick mouthwash rinse.

But not all chalky teeth are created equal. In this article, we are going to look at the causes and treatments of chronic chalky teeth, an uncomfortable condition that can actually compromise your dental health.

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Chronic Chalky Teeth Causes

Chronic chalky teeth is a symptom of hypomineralization, a condition characterized by decreased mineral content in the mouth leading to exposed enamel. That chalky feeling is a product of your enamel lacking mineral content, thus making your teeth more prone to cracking.

This chronic condition will sometimes leave white spots on your teeth. You must be wary of the fact that your teeth’s strength is compromised, and will often lead to sensitivity when consuming cold foods and drinks.

That’s why chalky teeth are no joke – any time sensitivity to temperature is an issue, the integrity of your teeth are compromised. By not properly treating chalky teeth, you risk breakage and increased pain.

How to Treat Chalky Teeth

Curious about how to get rid of chalky feeling on your teeth? In many cases, chalky teeth need to be removed and replaced. Many oral surgeons who find there is only one chalky tooth will suggest its removal, with a synthetic tooth being installed in its place.

A less extensive treatment is developing crowns for the one or many chalky teeth. The crown covers the tooth, essentially protecting it from food further wearing down the weak enamel. Our NSW Orange dental clinic specialize in dental implants procedures for a healthy and beautiful smile.

In children, fluoride treatments are often the answer. With the introduction of fluoride treatments, a child’s teeth can start to regain the minerals absent that are causing chalky teeth – as their teeth are still developing, the teeth can take the fluoride compounds and actually rebuild themselves.

Either way, chronic chalky teeth is in fact a condition that needs to be addressed. As stated above, any tooth pain is indicative of potential future harm to your dental health. Our family dental care highly recommend making dental appointments for the whole family at least twice a year for a thorough teeth cleaning and dental care.

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By not properly addressing chalky teeth, you all but ensure painful teeth and the continued wearing down of your enamel.

Whether the solution is a specialized fluoride treatment, crown installation, or tooth removal, it is always advised to get the right treatment the first time by a dentist.

We at Hitek Family Dental Care see chalky teeth all the time. As a dental office just as invested in your smile as you are, we have the treatments you need to deal with chalky teeth.

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