The restaurant scene in Orange is robust to say the least. A huge amount of offerings, from standard local fare to that which is more of a cultural culinary journey, are available around town.

We decided to put together the list of the top five restaurants in Orange, with a focus on cultural offerings, great prices, high ratings, and healthy choices. The variety is wide, but we’re sure whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find someplace to return to over and over again.

Tell us: what are your favorite restaurants in the area?

Elwood’s Eatery

We all need comfort food sometimes. Elwood’s Eatery, located at 170 Lords Place in Orange, offers a wide array of mouth-watering options. The signature “American Burger,” along with waffle friends that one review described as worthy of “traveling to the other side of Orange for” make this place a wonderful destination for great, old-fashioned barbeque.

The portions are also massive, so you’re getting a great deal on your order. Many people list that as their only complaint—if you have no qualm with leftovers, this place is a true steal for price and portion!

Mr. Lim Korean & Chinese Diner

Freshness is a trademark of Mr. Lim Korean & Chinese Diner—boasting an almost completely locally-sourced ingredient list, this establishment is a great way to sustainably jump into the cuisine of the Asian far east.

From all the standard dishes like sashimi and noodles to succulent bossam—a delicious and slow-cooked pork belly dish—it’s difficult to not find something you’ll love.

Fiorini’s Ristorante Italiano

One of the most commented aspects of this Italian establishment’s reviews is the authenticity of its food. From delectable starters such as fried calamari to more robust lamb cutlets and creamy risotto, Fiorini’s is a true taste of Italian cuisine via Rome.

The restaurant is family-owned, opened by two sisters—native Romans Patrizia and Marina. The intimate and authentic atmosphere, coupled with extremely friendly service, are sure to impress anybody looking for a true culturally immersive, European experience.


Racine’s mission is to create a locally-sourced, New South Wales-specific menu that brings out the tastes of the region to you in a sustainable way. Succulently braised beef cheeks, and a famously-delicious pressed duck (most locally sourced) are among some of the most popular dishes at this incredible establishment.

One of the things that makes this place stand out from the rest is the experience. With a two-course minimum—and the option to opt-in to expertly-crafted wine pairings—Racine aims to create a journey through New South Wales by way of its cuisine. This is a great destination for visitors and locals alike who want to become more familiar with the offerings of the region.

Red Pepper Indian Cuisine

With so many Indian restaurants in the area, we had to make sure to cover one of its shining examples. Red Pepper offers a wide array of vegetarian options, and combination meals that offers an expansive journey into Indian cuisine.

The Chicken Vindaloo is especially delicious. Cooked Goan style and with a very spicy kick, this dish is sure to make adventurous spice-cravers sweat.

Red Pepper Indian Cuisine also boasts a child-friendly menu, so introducing the little ones to an authentic cultural experience is best done here!

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